Basic rules & etiquette

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  • Arrive at the tee early with your golf equipment in order, ready to play. Introduce yourself to your fellow golfers and wish everybody a good game. Show the other players which ball you’re playing and its markings.
  • Do not disturb other players. Keep ample distance while other players prepare for tee-off. Avoid talking and any unnecessary noise or movement that will distract or disturb other players.
  • If your ball hits an area that you cannot see properly, call “FORE!” to warn other players.
  • Do not walk or stand on another player’s putting line, do not cast your shadow on another player’s putting line or setup area.
  • Show interest in your fellow players’ game and wait at the green until the last player has holed out. The first player who has sunk their putt picks up the flagstick and replaces it after all players have holed out.
  • Make your club selection before it is your turn to play. If you take your glove off between shots, have it back on before it is your turn to play. Avoid numerous practice swings before teeing off, that’s what the driving range is for.
  • If you cannot keep up with the group in front of you, ask your fellow players to play faster. If you notice that the group behind you plays faster, intvite them to play through.
  • If you think your original ball might be lost or out of bounds, save time by playing a provisional ball.
  • Leave your golf bag on the side of the putting green closest to the next tee.
  • Replace and fill in divots.
  • Choose the shortest way to your ball when you hit a bunker. After playing your ball rake the bunker.
  • Repair pitch marks immediately. A pitchmark repaired within 5 minutes is invisible within 24 hours. If you wait 10 minutes to fix the pitch mark it takes up to 2 weeks to heal. Every golfer must carry a pitch fork in order to repair their pitch marks.
  • Remove the flagstick and place it carefully on the green. After sinking the ball into the cup remove it promptly by hand, do not use a club as it can damage the rim.
  • When the round ends, extend a warm handshake to your fellow players as it ends the game on a positive note, no matter if your round was good or not so good.



Rakes in bunkers

Sie sind hier: Golfclub Achensee Pertisau Golf rules and etiquette

There is no perfect answer for the position of rakes, but on balance it is felt there is less likelihood of an advantage or disadvantage to the player if rakes are placed outside bunkers.

It may be argued that there is more likelihood of a ball being deflected into or kept out of a bunker if the rake is placed outside the bunker. It could also be argued that if the rake is in the bunker it is most unlikely that the ball will be deflected out of the bunker.

However, in practice, players who leave rakes in bunkers frequently leave them at the side which tends to stop a ball rolling into the flat part of the bunker, resulting in a much more difficult shot than would otherwise have been the case. This is most prevalent at a course where the bunkers are small. When the ball comes to rest on or against a rake in the bunker and the player must proceed under Rule 24-1, it may not be possible to replace the ball on the same spot or find a spot in the bunker which is not nearer the hole – see Decision 20-3d/2.

Therefore, after considering all these aspects, it is recommended that rakes should be left outside bunkers in areas where they are least likely to affect the movement of the ball.


Important competition rule

Sie sind hier: Golfclub Achensee Pertisau Golf rules and etiquette

The five-minute rule is now valid for every competition without being established by the Committee. If the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play. Otherwise, the penalty for breach of this rule is disqualification. (Rule 6-3).